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Transform your territory, city or municipality in a true smart destination! Learn how SMIITY can help you improve the touristic experience of both residents and visitors.


By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics, smart destinations create unforgettable experiences for visitors while optimizing tourism management and promoting sustainability. From mobile apps to IoT devices, explore the range of tools used to enhance visitor satisfaction and increase efficiency.

Join the smart travel revolution and discover a more personalized and seamless way of exploring the world!


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Implement territorial policies that contribute for a more sustainable and ecological city:

Reduce the environmental impact of tourism

Use tools such as data analytics from environmental sensors installed in key points of the city.

Provide resources

Promote sustainable tourism practices with visitors. This can include providing information about eco-friendly activities, promoting responsible tourism practices, and encouraging citizens to support local businesses.

Get green certification programs

Participate in green certification programs to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.


Integrate new, innovative technologies to develop your region or city, such as:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chatbots and virtual assistants, 
AI-powered image recognition systems that enable tourists to identify landmarks, objects, and places of interest.

Machine Learning (ML)

Recommendation engines that suggest personalized activities, attractions, and events based on citizens’ preferences and behavior.

Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual tours to explore destinations remotely and experience them in 3D, & AR apps that provide real-time information and recommendations as they explore the destination.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Installation of beacons in key points of city, monument or museum, that interact with smart devices via Bluetooth, in order to provide contextual information to all users.

Big Data

Comprehensive data collection systems that provide insights into visitor behavior, preferences, and satisfaction levels, providing real-time data dashboards.

Data Analytics

Collect relevant data in order to optimize resource management, enhance the visitor experience, and reduce operating costs.


Adopt new, useful technologies that will improve the experience of residents and tourists:


Mobile and web apps that provide customized recommendations and navigation for tourists based on their interests & preferences.


Public Wi-Fi networks and other IOT networks such as LORA and NBIOT.


Environmental and location-based sensors provide visitors with real-time information and personalized recommendations for a better travel experience.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based data analytics and content management systems for real-time updates and visitor insights.

Smart Signage

Interactive signals with built-in sensors such as pedestrians and bicycles counters, or QR codes to access content.


Provide accessible, inclusive content for all citizens:

Audio guides & speech-to-text

These tools provide audio descriptions and written text to help visitors with visual impairments.

Interactive Maps

Tactile maps and models allow visitors to explore physical spaces and attractions through touch, benefiting those with visual or cognitive impairments.

Multi-language Content

Provide content in different languages, catering for foreign residents and tourists present at your city or region.


Promote the identity and cultural heritage of your region, by mixing tradition with innovation:


Used to recreate historical or cultural sites, allowing visitors to explore and learn about them in a more immersive way.

Interactive exhibits

Engage visitors with cultural heritage sites and artifacts, providing a more hands-on and engaging experience.

Multimedia displays

Use videos, soundscapes, and projections to create immersive and engaging experiences to highlight the cultural significance of a site or attraction.

Monitoring tools

Use technology to monitor and preserve cultural heritage sites, including tools for monitoring and controlling humidity and temperature.


Show how your city/region is a modern, state of the art location for all citizens:

Personalized experiences

Use data analytics to provide customized experiences to citizens, like recommend activities and attractions that match their interests.

Improved visitor management

Manage visitor flows and reduce overcrowding, such as sensors to monitor foot traffic in popular areas and provide real-time information about the best times to visit.

Enhanced safety & security

Enhance the safety and security, like using mobile apps to alert citizens of potential dangers.

Efficient tourism management

Improve the efficiency of tourism management. For example, using data analytics to optimize the allocation of resources.