For Businesses

Local & tourism-related businesses

Generating awareness and engagement with your business

Find out how SMIITY can help you digitize your business through useful and interactive content and tools for your current and potential customers.

Boost your business with a digital business card and attract more clients.

SMIITY is an integrated platform that will help you improve the experience of your clients.

Provide them with an instinctive, useful and complete solution, where they can access your product catalog and all the relevant information about your business and brand.



Building a stronger, better relationship with your customers

Mobile apps

That provide real-time information to customers such as maps, guides, and event schedules. This can help your business to engage with customers and provide them with a customized experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) 
& Virtual Reality (VR)

Technologies can offer immersive experiences for tourism businesses; For example, museums can use AR for interactive exhibits and tour companies can use VR to showcase destinations.

Big data analytics

Can be used to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences. You can use big data analytics to analyze customer reviews and feedback to improve you services and operations.

for businesses / para negócios


Bring more awareness to your brand, products or services.

Integrate a social media feed

Into your SMIITY app. Define which hashtags and geotags you wish to follow, to track your visibility and see what contents are being posted by customers and potential customers.

Provide useful information 
about your business

Such as contacts (e-mail, phone and website), locations and a short description of your company and offer, using video, text and photos.

Add direct links to your website

Such as ticket selling (museums, concerts, theater plays) specific products/collections, a related event, and others relevant for your business.


Diversify your offer and give a brand new platform to your customers.

Convenient access to information

Smart tourism provides quick access to information on local attractions, events, restaurants and other services to help users plan their itinerary efficiently.

Share your commitment to sustainability

Promote your eco-friendly business with our Green tag to show customers your commitment to sustainability and offering ecological, sustainable experiences and products.

Provide real-time updates

Our smart tourism solution offers real-time updates on local events, weather, schedule changes, and other relevant information to help users plan their itinerary and avoid disruptions.


Centralize your services in one platform and optimize your ROI.

Offer personalized recommendations

By using data analytics to understand user preferences and interests. Smart tourism tools can provide customized recommendations for services and products that match the user’s needs, increasing the likelihood that users will purchase them.

Smart tourism tools can be used to upsell and cross-sell products and services

By offering recommendations based on the user’s interests and behavior patterns. For example, if a user is interested in local cuisine, a smart tourism tool could recommend a cooking class or food tour to them.

Better targeted advertising

Use the provided data analytics to identify user demographics, interests, and behavior patterns, which can be used to target advertising campaigns to specific user segments. This can increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and increase the likelihood that users will purchase your products or services.