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Transforming cities into smart interactive cities

SMIITY as a product was developed in 2012 by mobinteg, a Portuguese tech company that develops projects all around the world, in different areas such as mobile apps, web development, e-commerce, IOT solutions, machine learning and AI.

In time, SMIITY grew and became a spin-off company in 2015. Today, it can be presented as an integrated smart tourism ecosystem that allows territories and businesses to easily promote and communicate themselves as smart destinations, using different platforms and tools, such as a mobile & web app, kiosks integration, Beacons interaction, locations based services and much more.

Besides providing complete, contextual information to all citizens, SMIITY also compiles all the data in an analytics dashboard, so local and regional authorities can make informed decisions and apply policies to improve the sustainability, digitalization and quality of life of both residents and tourists.

SMIITY offers a smart tourism solution that utilizes technology to enhance the travel experience.

It provides features such as real-time updates, personalized recommendations, and interactive experiences, all accessible through a mobile app.

What We Do

How we can help you become a true smart destination

Consulting and Strategy

We analyze your business and tourism promotion to identify strengths/weaknesses, adapting SMIITY to your goals for maximum ROI. Our tech experts can also provide support if you need advice.

Content Management

Easily create and personalize tourism content with our tools, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for an improved visitor experience and increased engagement.


Get your own customized app based on SMIITY’s ecosystem with your branding and features of your choice. Just provide us with your desired contents like points of interest, events, or trails, and we’ll work with you to bring it to life.

Customer Support

At SMIITY, we provide ongoing support throughout the entire project, including updates, feedback, product maintenance, and training to ensure the final product aligns with your vision.

Implementation and Integration

If you need help integrating technologies for a seamless and personalized solution, SMIITY can assist. Our services include Cloud Computing, Beacon configuration, Sensors installation, and more for a holistic smart tourism solution.


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Azores Smart Islands: Make your trip to the Azores even more special and interactive

Azores Smart Islands: Make your trip to the Azores even more special and interactive

The Azores Smart Islands app, a smart tourism solution developed by SMIITY that connects the 9 islands of the Azores, is now available to all residents and tourists.

Azores Smart Islands represents one of the largest and most ambitious smart tourism projects in Europe, providing all users with dozens of routes and hundreds of points of interest spread across the 19 Azorean municipalities, and more than 50 sources of news and events, updated in real time.

SMIITY awarded at LUXlife Magazine’s Hospitality Awards 2022

SMIITY awarded at LUXlife Magazine’s Hospitality Awards 2022

SMIITY, the smart tourism platform developed by mobinteg, was distinguished as “Best Smart Tourism Solution Platform 2022” in the Hospitality Awards 2022, promoted by the British publication LUXlife Magazine.

Now running for its seventh consecutive year, the LUXlife Hospitality Awards recognize and reward companies that ensure their customers are happy and safe. After a turbulent year, LUXlife is rewarding companies for their resilience and appreciating them for their achievements.

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