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Simple & Free

News, Events, Trails, Points of Interest, social media and contacts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a citizen or tourist: we give you all that you need for your daily routine or walk.

Live the City!

SMIITY provides specific and contextual content when a user’s nearby a Beacon. Do not miss any of the happenings around you. There are events, nature, culture, gastronomy and a lot more to discover.


Urban or nature trails have all of the detailed information about each point of interest through which you will pass by.

No connection? Not a problem!

Just download ahead all content so you can access it offline and enjoy your visit without the need for a wi-fi or data connection.

What's on today?

With SMIITY you can find nearby events and check it’s information. Easily navigate the calendar and manage your agenda.

Get Tickets

You can easily purchase tickets for cultural, sports and other type of events. You won’t need to get out of the app to get your tickets.

Realtime News

Learn about what’s happening in the city in realtime! Get news, featured information and more.


With SMIITY you can quickly share the news or any other content in an intuitive and quick way, using the native sharing system of your device.


Take a look at the nearby points of interest with the Augmented Reality feature. It shows you the distance and information.

Just like a game!

SMIITY helps citizens and tourists organize their daily visit to the cities in a visual and practical way.


Access to the cities data, collected in realtime. Find out about the air quality, the noise impact and environmental data.

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